If you are looking for a professional speaker installation then the Martin Audio series of ceiling loudspeakers are designed to offer performance features not normally associated with a ceiling speaker product, brings innovation and sound quality to this market sector. Providing smooth articulate sound with high intelligibility this range of sound equipment products proves that sonic performance need not be sacrificed to meet the requirements of a life safety system.

Because Martin Audio ceiling speakers are so compact and well designed they will deliver a high audio performance and high speech intelligibilty no matter where they are installed and along with a very wide dispersion of 180 degrees they are particular suitable for low ceilings where you won’t have to install as many speakers to get maximum coverage, therefore creating a better speaker installation.

For a speaker installation in low ceiling corridors to high atriums, the solution is Martin Audio ceiling speaker series – high performance, unobtrusive, reliable and easily installed, the ideal sound system setup.

martin audio ceiling speakers

The C4.8T, C6.8T and C8.1T are 16 ohm impedance to simplify the use of multiple units in low impedance systems. They are also fitted with a high specification transformer enabling power selection for either 70V or 100V operation via a front mounted rotary switch.

ceiling speakers

Each speaker comes with a steel back can, tile rails and C bracket so no matter where you intend to install these speakers you are equipped for every scenario without having to purchase additional items.