Martin Audio Blackline X series speaker systems have exceptional sound quality and reliability and have become the benchmark for premium live music venues, nightclubs and installations, these speakers are an ideal solution for venues requiring a foreground or a DJ sound system installation.

All martin audio subwoofers used in the two-way systems now benefit from the addition of aluminium demodulation rings to minimise the variation in voice coil inductance as the coil moves in the gap. The result is improved mid range clarity and reduced inter modulation distortion at high excursions, ensuring that the sound balance and quality is maintained even at high levels.

In the development of the Martin Audio Blackline X Series, special attention has also been given to matching the directivity of the low frequency drivers to the HF horns in the crossover region. This has been achieved by careful choice of LF cone profiles, together with improvements in the crossover design.

The Martin Audio Blackline speakers range from a small compact X8 which is a mid range 8″ speaker cabinet up to a X15 mid range speaker cabinet which are ideal professional speakers for a small club or pub coupled together with their Blackline subwoofers which range for a 12″ subwoofer to a double 18″ sub bass cabinet to give you an amazing club sound system installation.