Martin Audio Speakers have always had a reputation of building and supplying a range of professional speaker systems to suit virtually any type of sound system installation in the leisure industry and with over 30 years experience in this field they have products that will cater for many commercial venues whether this be a portable PA sound system or an fully installed sound system in a Club, Bar, Church or Restaurant.

As an audio installation company we have installed Martin Audio speakers for a considerable number of years and have installed these into Churches, Bars and Restaurants and live club venues as they provide a full range of sound system speakers for virtually any type of application from a small background music system using their ceiling speaker range, small bar area using their AQ series range to a small club system using the Blackline series of speakers.

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Martin Audio Speakers

They have proved to be both reliable and robust over the years and the sound quality is exceptional for a loudspeaker system company who manufacturer a wide range of speakers that can be installed to suit any venue and any type of music.

So if you are considering a commercial audio installation in your venue then look no further than the Martin Audio Speakers that will stand both the test of time and also sound as good in years to follow, probably the best audio system speaker on the market today.

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Professional Sound Systems

Martin Audio’s range of professional sound systems consist of high performance subwoofers, passive mid high speakers and small compact cabinet speakers along with their low impedance and 100 volt line ceiling speaker installation range up to the large venue speaker systems which include line array, stage monitors and large venue speaker systems.