The Sonos Connect Amplifier or Sonos Zoneplayer as it used to be called brings great sounding music to any and every room in your house, regardless of where your music collection is stored.

You can play the same song or different songs in as many rooms as you like, just by adding more Sonos connect amplifiers and speakers to each room throughout your home and the sonos connect amplifier also boosts your Sonos Network around your home.

With an additional analogue line input that can be used for external music sources or even the audio from your TV along with a line level Subwoofer output for connecting a powered bass bin which automatically adjusts the output to send the low frequencies to the subwoofer and the high frequencies to the mid/high speaker.

Class-D. Rated output 110W RMS (2x55W continuous average power into 8 ohms, THD+N<0.02%) with both channels driven, 22Hz-20KHZ-AES17 measurement bandwidth.

3.50 x 7.28 x 8.15 in. (89 x 185 x 207 mm)

Sonos Connect Amplifier

Sonos Connect Amplifier