The Sonos Play5 multi room audio system is an all in one wireless music system that delivers superior sound, unlimited music, and endless enjoyment, all over the house. Plus, you can wirelessly control it all with your iPhone, iPod Touch or Ipad using the free Sonos Controller application. Now music lovers can find and play any song from their iTunes library or media content provider in any or every room.

The Sonos Play 5 is the ideal solution where it is impractical to install ceiling or cabinet speakers in a room, it can be placed in any position within a room near a power outlet and within the Sonos network range.

The Sonos Play 5’s all-digital sound architecture includes 5 speakers powered by 5 dedicated digital amplifiers for crystal clear, room filling sound. Setup couldn’t be easier simply plug it in wherever you want music.

To have more music in more rooms, just add the Sonos Play 5 and stream music from each unit.

sonos play 5

Sonos Play 5