The new Sonos subwoofer is the latest addition to the sonos system range that will compliment any existing multi room audio system or new sonos sound system installation that you may have by adding a wireless subwoofer to your multi room home music system.

Place it anywhere within your room and stream music to your existing sound system along with deep bass sound throughout your house whether you want to do this wirelessly or via the hardwired ethernet port.

With it been such a compact design of around 400mm square and 158mm deep it can be placed anywhere within a room and hidden out of sight whether this is under the settee or down the side of a cupboard therefore not as obtrusive as a standard powered subwoofer.

Internally it has two Class D digital amplifiers and two force cancelling speakers and dual acoustic ports, to give you a deep richer bass sound even down to 25hz if needed.

Works with the following sonos components :- Sonos Connect Amp, Play 5, Play 3 therefore adding low frequencies to your in home speaker system without having to add another amplifier.

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sonos subwoofer

Sonos Subwoofer