Sound System Installation Sheffield

Sound System Installation Sheffield – we have just completed a sound system install in a International Food Warehouse in Sheffield with the installation of seventeen Cloud CS6B wall mounted speakers, amplifiers, mixer and Cloud PM4 paging microphones.

Within the main area we have installed ten Cloud CS6B wall mounted speakers in black which are distributed throughout the food area and checkout area which are all tapped at 32 watt. In the entrance and other food area we have installed another three Cloud CS6B speakers on another zone and then a further four speakers are installed in the main storage warehouse in the back.

Three areas also have a Cloud PM4 paging microphone so that they can make an announcement from any position whether this is the storage area, food court or one of the checkouts.

Within the back office we have installed the Cloud Z4 mixer along with two Cloud CXV225 100 volt line amplifiers in a wall mounted metal rack cabinet with a ipod input plate so that they can connect a phone or ipod.

sound system installation sheffield

Sound System Installation Sheffield

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