Architectural lighting installations cover a wide and varied range of professional LED lighting solutions into commercial properties such as effects lighting and LED mood lighting installs into bars, restaurants, reception areas or hotels, whether the requirement is for LED colour changing lighting in the windows, LED cove lighting or exterior fixtures illuminating the outside of the building.

We have access to a wide range of LED fixtures to suit any type of architectural lighting installation that will enhance any venue both inside and outside, manufacturers such as Axalight manufacture a range of professional and reliable LED units suitable for any type of LED lighting installation.

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architectural lighting installations

Architectural Lighting Installations

All of our architectural lighting LED fixtures offer a long operational life whether they are installed inside or outside and with our outdoor units been IP rated they will also stand the test of time in outdoor conditions.

LED Lighting installation

Commercial LED Lighting Installation

We have access to a wide range of LED lighting fixtures from RGB colour changing tubes that can be used to totally colour wash an entire wall or ceiling to static LED tube fixtures that come in various lengths and colours where there is a requirement for a single static colour such as Red, Green, Blue, Amber or a variation of white.