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Audio Equipment Install Leeds

Audio Equipment Install Leeds – we were contacted by the landlord of The Bingley Arms in Leeds which is the oldest pub in England as the existing sound system wasn’t quite loud enough and the quality was lacking especially on quiz nights when they were using the existing microphone.

As part of the audio equipment installation we opted to install four JBL Control 25 speakers in the main bar area powered from a professional crown stereo amplifier and the smaller JBL control 1 speakers are installed in the two dining areas and the games room along with an Adastra weatherproof speaker fitted over the garden patio area which are all powered from a InterM four channel amplifier.

The sound equipment system is individually controlled from a Cloud two zone mixer and with the four channel amplifier they were able to control each of the areas separately, but more importantly the volume and clarity from the handheld microphone were greatly improved.

audio equipment installation leeds

Audio Equipment Install Leeds

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