Audio Visual Installations Wakefield – we have just completed an audio visual installation and HDMI distribution installation in the Wakefield Prison staff gym with the install of eight LG commercial TV’s, six Apart Audio Mask 8 Speakers, Cloud Mixer, Crown Amplifier and HDMI Distribution System. All the existing running machines that had inbuilt freeview TV installed in them were connected to the existing aerial distribution system along with a new aerial that we fitted.

As part of the sound system installation we have installed six Apart Audio Mask 8 wall mount speakers in black in the corners of the gym and half way down giving them adequate coverage.

We wall mounted the AV equipment rack which houses the Freeview HD receivers, Cloud Mixer and Crown amplifier with a input plate and cloud RSL6 remote plate fitted next to the rack.

The HDMI distribution installation consists of active HDMI cables of various lengths installed above the ceiling from each TV back to the equipment cabinet and then the signal is split via HDMI splitters.

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Down either side of the gym we have installed three LG 42″ commercial TV’s along with an LG 49″ commercial TV which are connected to two Freeview HD receivers installed in the wall mounted rack cabinet.

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