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Audio Visual Installation Wakefield

Audio Visual Installation Wakefield – we have just completed another AV installation in a dental training school in Wakefield with the installation of an Epson EB1985WU 4800 Ansi Lumens projector in the main lecture room along with an Apart Audio mixer amplifier, Audio Technica Handheld Radio Mic and four Apart Audio 100 volt line ceiling speakers.

In the dental room we have installed an Audio Technica overhead boundry mic, Apart Audio mixer amplifier and a ceiling speaker so that they can do two way training between the main lecture room and dental room along with a Kramer HDMI over cat 6 sender and receiver which is connected to the Epson overhead projector so that the students can view what is happening aswell at the same time.

In the upstairs training room we have installed an Apart Audio mixer amp along with an Audio Technica headset radio microphone and four Apart Audio ceiling speakers for the audio and two HDMI connections one from the camera and one for a laptop connection along with a HDMI switcher and HDMI to VGA converter so that the images can be viewed on all the computer monitors throughout the room.

The projector installation consisted of an Epson 4800 ansi lumens projector which we mounted on a Btech ceiling mount projector bracket and installed a VGA and HDMI connection plate near the lectern so that they can connect a laptop.

Audio Visual Installation Wakefield

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