Audio Visual Installations Leeds – AV Installation completed at Bardsey Village Hall with the install of a Panasonic 5000 Lumens WUXGA Projector, 125″ Projection Screen, Apart Audio Mask 8 Speakers, Crown Amplifiers, Audio Technica Radio Mics, Ampetronic hearing loop system.

We were instructed to carry out an audio visual installation project at Bardsey Village Hall with the install of a suitable audio visual system to suit their needs so for their projector installation solution we opted to install a Panasonic WUXGA 5000 lumens projector which suspended from the steel girder on a BTECH projector mount bracket which is projecting onto an Elite motorised 125″ diagonal widescreen projection screen which is installed on the stage.

For the sound system installation we have installed a pair of white Apart Audio Mask 8 speakers either side of the stage along with a pair of Mask 6 speakers halfway down the room acting as infil speakers to give them adequate coverage.

Within the wall mounted rack cabinet we have installed a Cloud CX462 audio system controller which is connected to a Crown XLi800 and a Crown Xli 1500 amplifier along with an Audio Technica handheld radio mix system and Audio Technica headset radio mic system.

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For the hearing loop installation we have installed a perimeter loop system around the hall which is connected to an Ampetronic hearing loop amplifier.