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Audio Visual Yorkshire

Audio Visual Yorkshire – another completed audio visual installation in Leeds, West Yorkshire where we have installed three NEC LCD projectors in three different rooms for meetings and presentations in a brand new office refurbishment contract.

In the main meeting room we have installed an NEC 4200 ansi lumens projector onto a Elite 100″ diagonal motorised projection screen where they have the facility for both HDMI and VGA along with sound from the four Apart Audio ceiling speakers we have installed in the suspended ceiling above with a small compact stereo amplifier hidden above the ceiling.

In each of the other two meeting rooms we have installed an NEC 3600 ansi lumens projector onto an Elite 84″ diagonal electric projection screen, in the central room we have installed the projection screen in front of the window and the other on the main wall along with a VGA and HDMI connection plate in each room installed at low level.

The two main rooms are separated by two removable partition walls so that they can open up all the rooms into one and just use the main front NEC projector throughout all three rooms via a computer that is stored in a cabinet.

Audio Visual Installation Yorkshire

Audio Visual Yorkshire

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