AV Installation Rotherham – we have just completed an AV Installation in Rotherham for the Diocese of Sheffield in two of their meeting rooms with the install of an Epson WUXGA 4400 lumens interactive touch screen projector in one room and a full HD Benq 4000 lumens projector in the other room along with an Apart Audio ceiling speaker installation solution.

The AV installation in the smaller meeting room we installed the Epson EB1460U WUXGA 4400 lumens interactive projector which is projecting onto a 90″ magnetic whiteboard in 16:10 format along with four apart audio ceiling speakers connected to a small amplifier hidden above the ceiling.

Laptop connection is by USB from the Epson wall mounted connection box so no requirement for HDMI or VGA connections everything is done and controlled via the USB connection.

In their larger meeting room their existing projector had failed so rather than having this repaired they decided on upgrading their projection system to a new high definition projector.

We opted to install a 4000 Benq full HD projector which was installed to replace their existing projector system but we opted to retain their existing motorised projection screen to save on costs.

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For the sound system installation we have installed four apart audio ceiling speakers connected to a small stereo amplifier hidden in the ceiling and for laptop connection we have installed a Vision VGA, Audio and HDMI input plate.