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AV Installation Wakefield

AV Installation Wakefield – another audio visual installation finished at a dental training school with twenty one iiyama 22″ full HD monitors, wyrestorm HD distribution system with five 8 way HDMI splitters and six HD over CAT6 senders and receivers.

We were instructed to upgrade the existing VGA distribution system that had been installed years ago as it wasn’t compatible with any new laptops or their camera so we opted to upgrade the system using a Wyrestorm HDMI distribution system.

At the end of each row we installed a HDMI over CAT6 receiver along with a 1 in 8 out HDMI splitter which feeds each iiyama 22″ monitor.

Within the cupboard we installed another 1 in 8 out HDMI splitter which then feeds six Wyrestorm HDMI over CAT6 transmitters which sends a HD signal to the iiyama monitors and two LG 42″ TV’s which are installed on the side wall.

av installation wakefield

AV Installation Wakefield

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