AV Installation Warrington – after an extensive building refurbishment within some offices we have just completed an AV Installation for Enterprise Rentacar in Warrington in two of their new rooms, the main boardroom and the main training room.

Part of the AV Installation project was to install a Benq full HD 4000 lumens projector in the main boardroom which is projecting onto an Elite 100″ motorised projection screen in 16:9 widescreen format.

The Benq projector is connected to both the resident PC housed in a cupboard via a Kramer HDMI cable and the Kramer table mounted connection module via a Kramer HDMI over CAT6 sender and receiver system.

For the sound system installation we have installed four Apart Audio CM608 ceiling speakers connected to a small compact amplifier hidden above the ceiling.

The other part of the audio visual installation was in the main training room where we have installed a 75″ large format 4K resolution TV screen which is been used for staff training along with an LG 49″ TV screen installed on the back wall which is been used as a preview screen. The preview screen is connected via a HDMI splitter housed in the ceiling which is then connected to a resident PC in the storage cupboard.

For the audio installation we have installed some more Apart Audio Ceiling speakers connected to a small compact stereo amplifier hidden above the ceiling.

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AV Installation Warrington

Within the storage cupboard we have installed a HDMI splitter, Kramer HDMI over CAT6 sender and small stereo amplifier above the ceiling which is connected to four Apart Audio CM608 speakers installed in the ceiling tiles.