Background music systems and commercial sound system installations have a widespread use in Factories, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, gyms and Shopping CentresThey create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere whether you are enjoying a meal in your favourite restaurant, browsing in your local shopping centre or having a drink in your local pub or bar.

By installing the correct type of background music system these will enhance the atmosphere in a range of venues and shouldn’t be too obtrusive and should remain in the background and by using small speakers throughout your venue or a distributed ceiling speaker installation you can achieve the desired end result.

Using multi channel amplifiers and zoning mixers we can achieve any desired application that you may need where you require different audio levels within your venue, each area can be zoned giving you the facility for both individual level control and a different source of music if required in any of the areas, so giving you total flexibility within your restaurant, bar, shop or business.

background music systems

Background Music Systems

On larger background music systems where there are many speakers throughout different areas we would tend to recommend that a distributed 100 volt line speaker system be installed.

In a hotel or restaurant where you require a paging system so that you can make announcements to different areas throughout the day we can install a zoned public address system.

As we have access to a wide range of professional speaker systems from leading manufacturers such as Bose, Apart Audio, Martin Audio and JBL so can install a speaker system to fit most venues and budget.

restaurant sound systems

Restaurant Sound Systems

With these type of leisure venues there are many products on the market whether you want to play your favourite music from an ipod docking station, internet radio or a dedicated hard drive music server to play music at desired times during the day.

Background music systems within a restaurant are different in one way or another, whether we install high quality ceiling speakers, small cabinet speakers or in wall speakers installed around the dining and bar areas you must also consider how these areas or zones are controlled and what type of music is to be played in each area.