AV Installation Wakefield

AV Installation Wakefield - we have just completed another AV Installation at The Art Centre in Wakefield with the installation of two Epson 6500 Lumens laser projectors which are projecting onto the main walls along with four Electrovoice ZX1 speakers installed in both galleries. The sound system installation consists of two white Electrovoice ZX1 speakers [...]

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Sound System Installation York

Sound System Installation York - we have just completed another Sound System Installations in a newly built wedding venue near York with the installation of four Martin Audio X10 speakers, two Electrovoice 15" Bass Speakers and an audio system within the ceremony room. We were contacted to install an professional audio system within a [...]

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Sound System Installation Hull

Sound System Installation Hull – we have just completed a professional sound system installation at the Hull Truck Theatre with the installation of a new professional sound system within the bar area upstairs that is going to be used for acoustic bands and small performances. Our company was contacted by the theatre to install [...]

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AV Installation Doncaster

AV Installation Doncaster - another Audio Visual Installation completed in a Leisure Centre in Doncaster with the installation of Ten Electrovoice ZX1 speakers and four Apart Audio Mask 6 Speakers along with a Cloud Z4 Zoner / Mixer, Crown Amplifiers, LG Televisions and Digital Signage Screens. We were contacted by a Leisure Centre in Doncaster [...]

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AV System Installation Leeds

AV System Installation Leeds - we were contracted to install an AV System Installation in Leeds within a meeting room at York Gate Perennial Centre so we opted to install a Panasonic 5000 Lumens WUXGA high resolution projector mounted on a white peerless projector mount bracket in the main room which is projecting onto [...]

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Audio Visual Installation Bradford

Audio Visual Installation Bradford – we have just completed another audio visual installation project in a call centre in Bradford where we have installed five screens which are ceiling mounted using Btech pole mount brackets on one of the floors. Each TV screen is connected to its own individual computer via a VGA input [...]

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Audio Equipment Installation York

Audio Equipment Installation York – our company was contacted by the chairman of a local village hall in Green Hammerton near York to carry out an audio equipment installation in the venue as they needed a sound system that would work for both presentations and local events. For the sound system installation we opted [...]

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