If your looking for a more discreet professional sound system installation within your business premises or commercial venue then look no further than a ceiling speaker installation or in wall loudspeakers throughout your desired rooms. Ceiling speakers come in various sizes and wattages but we will advise which audio system would best suit the venue they are been installed into, whether your requirement is for a background music system, public address system or foreground speaker system.

Many commercial sound system installations feature ceiling speakers that can be painted to blend in with the decor whether this is in your office or shop so they become part of the room and blend in. For small areas that don’t warrant installing a pair of ceiling speakers for a stereo sound we tend to install a single stereo ceiling speaker, these areas could be an entrance lobby or a small office area.

A ceiling speaker installation is an ideal solution as they are less obtrusive than wall mounted cabinet speakers that may deter from the internal decor and not blend in as well as a speaker fitted into the ceiling. In these type of audio system installations we will tend to install a high end ceiling speaker such as Bose that will give you precise and high quality music reproduction.

ceiling speaker installation

Ceiling Speaker Installation

When designing a ceiling speaker installation we take into consideration the aesthetics of the room but more importantly uniform sound coverage throughout your area in a way that doesn’t interfere with anything else within the room such as light fixtures or air conditioning units but still give you adequate sound coverage.

commercial sound systems

Commercial Sound Systems

Ceiling speakers come in various sizes, wattages and impedances so when designing a sound system within your venue we look at all the different possibilities to give you the best results, whether the sound system installation consists of 100 volt line ceiling speakers or a low impedance ceiling speaker installation, we will recommend the correct system to give you the best results.