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Church Audio Installation York

Church Audio Installation York – with the installation of four Audio Technica Lapel Radio Mic systems, Toa Amplifier and a pair of black Apart Audio Mask 4 speakers.

We were instructed to install a PA Sound system in a 12th Century church near York so opted to install two small apart mask 4 speakers in black in the eves of the roof so that they were discreetly hidden and not obtrusive in any way.

Due to the church been grade listed we had to carefully hide the speaker cables to the sound equipment cabinet by running them under the floor and hiding them behind pipes and under floors.

The church audio installation consists of a lockable wall mount rack cabinet in the vestry out of the way which accommodates four Audio Technica Lapel radio mic systems, a handheld transmitter and a TOA mixer amplifier.

They have the ability to use any of the four Lapel Microphones we have supplied throughout the church but we have also supplied a Handheld transmitter so this can be used instead of one of the Lapel mics when they are reading at the altar.

church audio installation York

Church Audio Installation York

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