A church audio visual installation has consisted of a custom projector installation, professional sound system install, hearing loop system and in some cases we have also installed wireless DMX LED stage lighting equipment which has been used by the local school for drama productions or school plays.

Churches, Synagogues and other places of worship have become the centre of entertainment within the community, some offering stage productions for the local schools or film nights for its local residents and congregation. We are finding more and more places of worship are now upgrading their out of date audio visual systems due to a vast change in technology, they have to keep up with the latest entertainment systems.

We will help and advise along the way for the best AV solutions for your needs, whether you are considering a professional sound system or your requirement is to have a total revamp of the existing audio visual system installation.

We have installed a multitude of professional audio visual systems into places of worship such as digital signage display solutions, large projection screen systems and bespoke church audio equipment, so we can accommodate for virtually any type of church audio visual installation within a place of worship.

church audio visual installation

Church Audio Visual Installation

For some places of worship that also incorporate a local village hall we have installed professional sound systems along with effects lighting and large projection screens which have totally transformed the venue and have often been used for local events such as weddings, functions, children’s parties and local meetings.

church audio visual systems

Church Audio Visual Systems

A church audio visual system is always designed with a focus on aesthetics, acoustics, cost, and engineering as each venue has different requirements from start to finish, whether this be an upgrade to an existing sound system, a newly installed large screen video projection system or a complete public address system installation, we can accommodate for any type of audio visual Installation solution.