Church sound system installations are used to enhance any spoken word or music using the correct speaker system which is installed throughout the congregation or listening area. Whether they are installed on the surrounding pillars or walls they should give you an even coverage of audio, whether they are been used for speech or music.

By also installing additional sound equipment such as radio microphones, lectern mics, speakers and professional amplifiers we feel that we can achieve the desired end result within any place of worship or church.

We can also install a complete sound & LED lighting system which may incorporate a professional sound system, lighting bars and LED stage lighting that are often used for school drama productions whether this is for the church itself or the local community hall.

church sound system installations

Church Sound System Installations

Due to the aesthetics and acoustic implications of some church sound system installations it is sometimes also necessary to install multiple column speakers which are carefully distributed throughout the listening areas to give a more even and constant sound level and also try to compensate for any echoes and reverberations that do occur on some larger places of worship.

Generally church sound systems consist of a basic microphone mixer, amplifier and 100 volt line speakers either side of the front near the altar, but in many cases this has advanced a lot further in using a multi channel Digital PA mixer with numerous microphone inputs, infil speakers on a delay and the facility to incorporate live sound through the sound system for school or band productions.

church sound systems

Church Audio Systems

We can install a variety of church audio systems into places of worship from a complete church sound system installation which may include a digital mixer, wireless radio microphone systems and a induction loop hearing system therefore integrating all the sound system equipment together to give you the desired end result.

We have access to a wide range of professional microphones for different applications such as lectern microphones, handheld and lapel radio mics along with overhead boundry or shotgun microphones for enhancing the vocals from the choir or congregation.