A commercial sound system Installation or zoned music installation into venues such as restaurants, schools, hotels and bars has never been easier with manufacturers such as Cloud Electronics who build a wide and varied range of commercial audio installation products. 

From zoning mixers, speakers, 100 volt line amplifiers, zoned paging microphones, multi channel amplifiers to digital controlled zone mixers they can offer a complete audio install solution into any type of commercial audio installation.

commercial sound system installation

Commercial Sound System Installation

A commercial sound system installation within a business property is fully catered for using Cloud products as we can offer a complete design and installation package from start to finish. Whether your requirement is for a fully zoned  sound system within a restaurant, leisure centre or spa complex Cloud offers a full range of solutions from ceiling or wall mounted speakers, appropriate amplifiers and paging microphones to remote wall panels giving you total control over your sound system installation.

business music system installation

Business Music System Installation

We can cater for any type of business music system installation into a variety of commercial properties whether this is a 100 volt line PA system within a factory featuring Cloud wall mount speakers, amplifiers and paging mics, a hotel environment fitted with Cloud ceiling speakers throughout all the individually zoned areas or a spa complex with individual input and volume plates in every treatment room allowing the total control over each room.