If you are looking for a commercial audio visual installation in a call centre, hotel, meeting room or leisure centre we have access to various well known TV screen manufacturers that supply large format displays that have been designed to be used for a longer period of time and therefore are guaranteed to be used in a commercial environment.

Manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and NEC make a wide range of screen sizes up to an impressive 95″ made by Samsung which is designed for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week usage so ideal for large venues that need to display advertising throughout the day. There are of course much smaller commercial screens on the market but we will install the correct size and type required for the area.

Our commercial TV screen installations have ranged from reception areas, shop windows and offices where the screens are been used as digital signage displays using signage players, displaying Sky TV, Freeview or presentations from a PC on the local network.

commercial audio visual installation

Commercial Audio Visual Installation

We have installed numerous multiple commercial TV screen systems into businesses and call centres where there has been the requirement to display company information throughout staff areas and offices therefore keeping everyone upto date within the company. These are usually installed along with a HD signal distribution system or even a HD matrix system so that different screens can display other information.

commercial screen installations

Commercial Screen Installations

A majority of the large format displays have been designed for continual use in a commercial environment no matter where they are installed they will provide you or your customers with 24 hours a day information. We can also supply and install a range of interactive touch screen displays which allows gives your customer more control over what they view.