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Digital Signage Installation Yorkshire

Digital Signage Installation Yorkshire – As part of our Digital Signage Solutions we have just installed a Kramer HDMI distribution system in Fisher Medical Centre Skipton that had the requirement to distribute the content from a digital signage computer to three monitors in three different areas throughout the medical centre.

Due to the distance and the restrictions on sending HDMI over long distances we opted for the Kramer HDMI over CAT 6 pico tools senders and receivers that also carry power to the receiver.

The Kramer HDMI distribution amplifier features 1 in and 4 out all on HDMI connections and with the small size of the pico units we were able to hide these quite well both in the reception area and behind each TV we have installed the receiver, each TV was then able to receive a full high definition signal from one central PC location therefore give them a digital signage installation solution.

digital signage installation

Digital Signage Installation Yorkshire

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