As a digital signage installation company we often see commercial large screen displays been installed into supermarkets, retail stores, car show rooms, corporate offices, estate agents, conference centres, schools and medical centres where companies need to keep the public or staff informed of either local events, promotions or general information on the business they are visiting.

If you have a digital signage installation where a continuous display of images and text is required and where the data is only changed occasionally but with ease, then the most cost effective digital signage solution is to install a commercial LED or LCD display screen and connect this to laptop, local PC, media player or even a USB stick.

But if you want more control over your digital signage installation there are various media players and all in one screens with built in media players available on the market that will allow you to remotely control your media content through your internal network or externally and even allow you to schedule it at specific times of the day giving you more flexibility.

digital signage installation

Digital Signage Installation

Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and other manufacturers have seen the need for a stand alone Digital Signage solution for the advertising market so they have manufactured an all in one digital signage monitor built for 24/7 operation.There is no need for network cables or VGA connections from separate PC’s as they have designed Digital Signage Displays with dedicated computers built into the rear panel of the display monitor itself, just transfer your files via a USB card or if required connect it to the network, drag and drop files into the PC to play your media content.

digital signage installers

Digital Signage Installers

Our company also offers a commercial large screen TV Installation service if you already have a digital display system in place and want to upgrade we can advise you on the best digital signage displays to use such as Commercial 24/7 LED Screens which are installed in venues where digital displays are on throughout the course of the day. Some of these large screen digital signage systems come with a 3 year warranty which are ideal for a whole range of industries, including retail, hospitality, museums, hotels, banks and financial institutions where the system is continually running.