A HDMI distribution installation is a requirement in so many commercial properties and businesses due to the fact that every customer strives for the best picture quality that is available for presentations within their business. Whether this is on their large screen TV’s or high definition projectors but with the limitations on distance when connecting HDMI sources manufacturers have seen the need to bring out HDMI over CAT 5/6/7 transmitters, receivers and HDMI matrix switchers.

Now we can send high quality, high definition images upto and over 100 metres away to any display without any loss in picture quality by using high quality HDMI over CAT6 transmitters or even fibre optic transmitters and receivers.

hdmi distribution installation

HDMI Distribution Installation

Designed for the commercial sectors the Kramer HDMI distribution matrix switchers allow you to send a multitude of data via Cat 5/6/7 such as HDMI, infra red to the CAT6 receiver and ethernet for internet connection to your TV or projector all down one cable therefore reducing the amount of cables required.

There are a few versions in the range of HDMI matrix switchers but we tend to use the 4 x 8 Matrix or 8 x 8 Matrix therefore allowing you to connect either four or eight HDMI sources and route them to eight different displays whether this is multiple TV screens around your office environment.

commercial AV installations

Commercial AV Installations

If you are looking for a high quality HDMI video matrix system that is compatible with the latest technology such as 3D content or 4K, the latest version of HDMI and HDCP compatible and with so much choice from various manufacturers on the market now we tend to recommend products we know and trust that will stand the test of time and work without any issues.

A high performance HDMI distribution product even though is a costly investment will provide you with quality images whether you are using SKY HD, Blu Ray DVD Players, Media Servers or any other type of HD source you are able to send this content for longer distances than normal.