A commercial audio installation and audio visual services within a gym, leisure centre or health club has changed over the years with the installation of commercial TV screens, digital signage displays and a professional sound equipment installation.

To encourage more clients through the door and to keep them in for longer by providing them with an up to date entertainment system.

When designing a commercial audio installation within a health club, gym or leisure centre we tend to install ceiling speakers throughout as we feel these are more discrete and blend into the decor better, music sources can be derived from either hard disk based music systems or the more conventional CD Player or Ipod unit.

Within a leisure centre or health club complex there maybe a requirement for a public address sound system so that the reception staff can make announcements to various areas within the venue whether this be in the swimming pool area, bar, restaurant or main hall.

This can be achieved by installing the correct type of zoned sound system in each area and by installing sound equipment that is capable of delivering both speech and music to all these zones.

commercial audio installation

Commercial Audio Installation

As part of health club or gym commercial audio installations listening to your personal preference of music is also achievable by installing headphone distribution sound systems so that the customer has more choice at their fingertips whether this be the in house music system or audio from the installed television system.

Commercial audio installations within a dance or aerobic studio may consist of a foreground music system, headset radio microphones and an ipod docking station but must be clear and concise for both speech and music therefore keeping the customer both entertained and informed while they are taking their class.

audio visual services

Audio Visual Services

Our audio visual services may consist of large screen TV monitors installed throughout your leisure complex or gym that can be used for displaying local business adverts or forthcoming events within your venue but in most cases their main function is to display either Sky or Freeview channels.

We can install a distributed TV system to suit any type of eventuality along with a system that can be integrated to running machines with built in television systems giving the customer a choice of media entertainment. A TV installation is not just about installing screens on the wall, it is more about integrating it with the sound system system installation aswell.