Home audio installations and multiroom audio systems are becoming more and more popular in residential properties with the introduction of internet radio and online music providers giving you the customer access to a large selection of music to play throughout your home. We have access to a large range of home speaker systems designed for installation within a house whether your requirement is for a ceiling speaker system or in wall speaker we have the ideal home audio installation solution for you.

Even if you have a large collection of Music CD’s these can be transferred onto a local hard disk and recalled whenever you need to play your favourite album or even an old track you haven’t played for a long long time, but with the addition of online media content clients are using internet radio or providers such as Rhapsody or Spotify to provide them with limitless music collections for a small monthly fee.

home audio installations

Home Audio Installations

Home audio installations may consist of a ceiling speaker installation in all of your bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, lounge and even outside therefore giving you unlimited music in any room that you desire, as you can wirelessly control any of your zones from any Android phone, I phone or Ipad with the free apps. Even if you can’t install speakers within the ceiling or on the walls, there is a range of stand alone units that can be placed in rooms and music can be streamed to these effortlessly.

multiroom audio systems

Multiroom Audio Systems

Multiroom audio systems vary in each residential property whether you are considering a sound system throughout the whole of your house or dedicated areas the multiroom audio system will give you a complete audio installation solution. With so many possibilities for music playback such as Itunes, radio and online service providers you are now able to play different music in any of your rooms.