Home AV Installation Leeds

Home AV Installation – We have just completed another home AV installation in Leeds with the installation of a CYP 8 x 8 HDMI matrix switcher which transmits HDMI over CAT 5 to each of the TV’s that are installed in the Kitchen, Study, Office and Bedrooms. Behind each TV we have installed a CYP 507 HDBASE-T receiver that also handles the internet to each of the smart TV’s and are powered from the HDMI Switcher in the study.
We have connected two Sky Boxes and Apple TV to the HDMI Matrix Switcher giving the customer the choice to view any of the sources via the Control 4 system which is controlled from his Ipad. All the AV equipment is housed in a metal rack cabinet in the study along with the Broadband router, Apple TV and LAN switch.

home av installation leeds

Home AV Installation

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