An Induction loop installation or hearing loop installation can consist of installing a cable or flat copper cables under the floor or around the wall which creates a magnetic field in the required listening area. 

There are numerous variations of induction loop systems available on the market whether this be a single perimeter loop around the edge of a room, an array loop system which gives you a more even and controlled field within a room or a counter hearing loop installed in a reception area using a under counter loop amplifier.

Careful consideration must always be made to the metal structure of a building or floor when designing an induction or hearing loop system as these type of structures can cause signal loss within the magnetic listening field.

The audio source is derived from either microphones installed in the ceiling or a line level signal from a local mixer therefore giving the hard of hearing person the full concept of what is happening within the room.

hearing loop installation

Hearing Loop Installation

Induction loops or hearing loops vary from venue to venue depending on how they are to be used and the aesthetics of the room, but a majority of small rooms have a perimeter loop installed as this is the most cost effective hearing system to have.

Ideally in larger rooms we would recommend an phased array induction loop installation which will give you a more controlled and even coverage of audio throughout the room by installing a flat copper tape or wire under the carpet or floor.

hearing loop systems

Infra Red Induction Loops

If an induction loop installation is not practical due to rooms being close to each other we will tend to recommend an infra red hearing systems in venues where there more control is needed as an infra red system will not spill over into other rooms as each listener has their own individual receiver whether this be a stetho-set receiver or a neck hearing loop.

Each system can be different depending on the size and type of application the hearing system is going to be used for.