Audio visual maintenance and servicing is just as important as the audio visual installation itself and we can provide a full service and maintenance solution on any existing audio visual equipment, regardless of whether the equipment was supplied and installed by ourselves or another audio visual company.

Whether this is just a general service and clean of your existing sound equipment or an upgrade to any faulty audio visual equipment you may have, we can advise you on the most cost effective solution to take. From a complete sound system repair to an audio visual maintenance contract we can cater for any type of situation that may occur.

Our preventative maintenance agreements are tailored to the needs of each individual customer to service their equipment on a regular basis throughout the year. It’s a cost effective solution to safe guard expensive equipment failures and it provides our clients with a peace of mind knowing that any chance of business downtime due to equipment failure is reduced to a minimum.

Audio Visual Maintenance Agreements – Projector Repair Service – Preventative Maintenance – AV Equipment Repairs & Replacements

audio visual maintenance

Audio Visual Maintenance

System failures within a vital audio visual installation can result in untimely and business disruptions, meeting delays, staff and client dis-satisfaction and unplanned expenses due to audio or visual equipment breakdowns which lead to a loss of productivity and revenue. Proactive maintenance measures can easily prevent problems from occurring and help fix problems quickly if they do occur.

audio visual repairs

Audio Visual Repairs

We can service most types of audio visual equipment but we find in most cases these days such as projectors it isn’t cost effective to repair the equipment and it is more economical to replace the item with a more up to date unit, this of course depends on the age and cost of the unit, but we will always advise you on the best possible audio visual service solution.