Multi room audio Installations are been used more and more in businesses and offices so that you can easily listen to your favourite music in any room, and even listen to different types of music in any of these rooms all with different volume levels.

There are numerous wireless music systems on the market to achieve the desired result but we will advise you on the best audio system to suit your requirements.

Gone have the days of using in wall control panels to control your music systems throughout your office areas with products such as the smartphone and the Ipad these are been used to control multi room audio systems with ease, with the installation of a simple app that can control both the genre of music in each zone and the sound level aswell therefore giving you total control over your multi room audio installation and not having to purchase a dedicated controller.

multi room audio installations

Multi Room Audio Installations

A solution for a multi room audio installation system would be a Sonos sound system installation which has never been easier using wireless technology throughout your office, if it is not possible to install network cables throughout your business then using Sonos wireless music systems are the ideal solution in a multi room audio installation.

Sonos Sound System

Sonos Sound Systems

Sonos sound system installations vary in every business property or commercial property where the customer has a need for a flow of music throughout their business in rooms such as the reception, offices or recreation area and even outside. We can install a wireless audio system to suit anyone’s requirements or budget whether you need to begin with one room and then add additional rooms as you go along, we can install the correct cabling in each area for future expansion.