An outdoor sound system installation presents a unique and challenging listening environment than your kitchen or living room area as there are no walls or ceilings containing the sound, outside is wide open and subject to ambient noise from wind, traffic and birds.

Under these extreme conditions it is vital that any outdoor sound system produces both enough sound level and bass response for a pleasant listening experience and cover the area it is intended for, but more importantly these type of IP rated outdoor speakers are designed to be installed outside.

There are various outdoor garden speakers on the market from standard wall mounted weatherproof speakers that can be installed over the patio area, rock speakers that can be installed near shrubs, even plant pot style speakers and we have even seen a speaker in the style of a large frog.

So whatever your preference is for home audio systems, we can install a multi room music system that will provide you with music on your patio, garden or swimming pool area incorporated into you home audio installation.

outdoor sound system installation

Outdoor Sound System Installation

In the ideal outdoor sound system installation we would probably recommend using rock speakers as these can be hidden in shrubs and tree areas so blend in to the surrounding features of your garden. The cabling is hidden under and around your garden area by installing the speaker cable in plastic conduit to the amplifier location therefore creating a neat and tidy installation.

outdoor speaker systems

Outdoor Speaker Systems

Outdoor speakers or garden speakers create an ambiance of music and atmosphere when entertaining your friends and family outside, giving you the ability to play your favourite albums and songs outdoors whether this is from a amplifier indoors or by using a wireless hi fi music such as Sonos you will need control over your outdoor garden speakers.