Projector Install Services Leeds – we have just completed a projector install services for a transport company in Leeds with the install of a Benq 4000 lumens full HD resolution projector, a recessed 95″ diagonal projection screen, ceiling speaker installation and small stereo amplifier.

We were asked to install a large screen projection system within a meeting room as the existing TV screen wasn’t adequate for the customers requirements so we opted to install a Sesame 95″ diagonal 16:9 ceiling recessed projection screen in the ceiling grid.

As they also required a HD projector so we recommended the Benq MH740 projector which gives them 1920 x 1080 resolution and with it also been 4000 lumens it is more than adequate in brightness for a room of this size.

For PC and laptop connectivity we installed a VGA and Audio input plate along with a HDMI input socket in the corner of the room for their resident PC.

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For the audio system installation we kept this simple by installing a small compact amplifier above the ceiling coupled to a pair of Apart Audio 60 watt ceiling speakers over the boardroom table.