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Projector Installation Leeds

Projector Installation Leeds – we have just completed another AV installation into a engineering company with the install of Mitsubishi 5000 lumens high definition installation projector which has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and the features of Lens Shift, Zoom and Focus all motorised so making it an ideal installation projector.

The Mitsubishi projector is projecting onto a 16:10 widescreen electric motorised screen that is mounted to the wall and we have also installed a VGA and HDMI connection wall plate therefore giving the client both options for connecting their laptop. The projector installation is been used for training and displaying engineering drawings hence using a high resolution presentation projector gives them a much higher quality resolution for those intricate drawings. In the other training room we re-installed their existing projector on a Btech projector bracket and also installed a new HDMI input plate.

projector installation leeds

Projector Installation Leeds

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