A projector screen installation is only as good as the projector that is been used with, whether you are  using motorised projection screen, manual pull down, rear projection or fixed frame screen the material and size of the screen is just as important as the projector install itself.

As there are numerous projection screens on the market we always tend to stick to a well known manufacturer therefore giving us piece of mind that your projection screen doesn’t fail at a critical moment in time before an important meeting or presentation.

As professional projector screen installers we have installed many systems into commercial applications such as churches, boardrooms, meeting rooms, clubs, village halls and schools whether this has been a motorised screen, fixed frame, manual pull down screen or even in some instances we have just projected an image onto a plain white wall where there hasn’t been a requirement or need for a projection screen.

Virtually any size image can be achieved using the correct screen and material whether a 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 is required we can supply and install a projection system installation to accommodate any situation.

projector screen installation

Projector Screen Installation

As part of the projector screen installation one of the main issues within a room or venue is the ambient lighting which can totally obliterate your presentation so careful consideration must be taken when positioning your projector and projection screen, whether the lighting is re-positioned or a high brightness projector is installed, we will provide you with a complete audio visual installation solution.

projector screen installers

Projector Screen Installers

If a more discreet projector installation system is your requirement within your boardroom then we can install a ceiling recessed projection screen that are installed flush with your ceiling, this can either be in a 4:3, 16:9 or in a 16:10 widescreen format and creates a more impressive presentation as the screen housing is hidden above your ceiling. One step further would be to have a projector lift which retracts into the ceiling void when not in use and can be synchronised to lower at the same time as the projector screen.