Restaurant Sound System Installation York – we have just completed another sound equipment installation project in York at the Pavement Vaults restaurant with twelve Apart Audio Mask 6T 100 volt line speakers installed throughout the restaurant areas on both floors.

We were contacted to install a new sound system within a new restaurant that was opening in York so we opted to install Apart Audio Mask 6T speakers throughout both floors as the cabling had already been installed.

We decided to zone the sound system as the requirement was for independent volume levels and sources in different areas so that they had more flexibility with their music.

Downstairs in the office we installed a wall mounted rack cabinet with the Cloud Z4 – 4 zone mixer, Audio Technica handheld radio mic system and apart audio 4 channel 100 volt line amplifier.

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Behind the main bar upstairs we installed four Cloud RSL6 remote volume / select control panels so that they can easily switch between the computer downstairs and the Ipod input plate we installed behind the bar.