We have designed and installed school audio systems into many education sectors that either cater for just general voice announcements for school hall assemblies to professional audio equipment for the drama department. This may include a professional stage sound system install with front of house speakers, fold back speakers and digital mixers along with a variety of professional radio microphones and audio processing equipment.

Careful consideration must be taken into account as to the use of a school audio system whether it is going to be used for speech only or to be used for full drama productions as these are sometimes totally different sound systems, but we will advise you on what sound equipment would suit both your requirements and budget.

Drama department productions benefit more from having a professional sound system installation using the correct wall mounted loudspeakers, wireless radio microphones, overhead mics and the appropriate lighting to enhance any school plays or productions which therefore makes it more appealing to the audience.

school audio systems

School Audio Systems

We have installed a variety of professional audio and visual equipment into the education sectors which have included large screen projection systems for presentations, professional speaker systems into dance studios and stage lighting into school halls, so we can achieve any type of audio or visual installation solution.

Along with the main areas such as the Gym, Hall or drama department we can also supply and install sound systems into classrooms which may incorporate a interactive smartboard, or projector installation with wall mounted or ceiling speakers.

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Sound and Lighting Systems

As we have access to a wide range of professional sound and lighting systems our systems can vary from a small public address sound system installation for school assemblies with the appropriate radio microphones and professional speakers to a complete live stage sound system that can be used for school drama shows.

A majority of the installations we carry out within schools feature a stage lighting solution where we have installed LED par cans, theatre lanterns and dimmer packs along with the appropriate lighting control desk giving the school a complete stage lighting installation.