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Sonos Installation Sheffield

Our company has just completed another Sonos Installation in Sheffield when we were recently contacted by a home owner near Sheffield as their existing Niles Multiroom Audio System wasn’t working properly and it was a bit intermittent when playing music but he had one zone in the house which was a Sonos Connect amplifier in the garden room all the other zones were controlled via the universal remotes that had been installed.

As part of the Sonos Installation the easiest and best option was to remove the Niles six channel amplifier with six new Sonos Connect amplifiers that are all installed in a cupboard and connected to his wireless network which gives him the ability to control any room within his house from his Ipad or Iphone using the free sonos app.

With the additional six zones we have added he now has seven zones of multi-room audio throughout his home and is able to play Spotify, internet radio, Sky audio or his favourite music from his ipod as we also installed a Sonos WD100 wireless ipod dock into the Sonos system. Each area is easily controlled via his Ipad rather than his previous system which was causing him so many problems.

sonos Installation Sheffield

Sonos Installation Sheffield

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