A sound and lighting Installation is one of the most important aspects within an entertainment or live venue and we appreciate that each venue differs in many ways from a stage lighting installation within a school or college to a complete audio equipment installation within a pub, bar, club or restaurant. First impressions count so much that the sound and lighting installation must deliver both a visual and audio impact to the customers that walk through the door, so it must look and sound amazing to keep them coming back.

We can design a sound, lighting or audio visual installation solution within any type of venue and with our network of suppliers such as Axalight, Showtec Lighting, Martin Audio, Bose, Electrovoice, JBL, Apart Audio just to name a few, we feel that we are able provide a complete sound and lighting installation solution.

sound and lighting installation

Sound and Lighting Installation

A sound and lighting installation within a pub, bar or live venue may consist of a foreground or live sound system that is capable of providing acceptable sound quality throughout the venue which may consist of high powered speaker cabinets along with bass speakers to enhance the audio system.

Lighting installations within these types of venue vary from a Disco Lighting installation, stage lighting or an architectural lighting solution but we can advise and install a system to suit the venue.

audio visual install

Professional Sound Systems

Whether this is a background music system in a public house with compact speakers installed throughout various areas or a live sound system for bands and acts we can provide you with a full audio equipment install solution to suit any budget and any type of venue.

As a sound equipment install company can design and install any type of professional audio system which may include disco equipment such as professional CD players, Radio Microphone Systems, DJ mixers or Live PA mixers as we have access to numerous suppliers within the entertainment industry.