Sound System Installation Doncaster – we have just completed an sound system installation at the South Yorkshire Boat Club near Doncaster with the installation of four Apart Audio Mask 8 in white along four Apart Audio Mask 6 wall mounted speakers, QSC amplifiers and a Cloud 3 Zone Mixer.

We were asked to install a new sound system within the main club house as their existing sound equipment installation wasn’t up to scratch anymore and they needed the facility to have same music in the three rooms that could be independently controlled from one central location.

In the main concert room area we opted to install four white Apart Audio Mask 8 speakers which are mounted in the corners of the room, in the conservatory we installed two Apart Audio Mask 6 speakers and in the snug area we fitted an additional pair of white Apart Audio Mask 6 speakers.

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Within the equipment rack cabinet we installed two Crown stereo amplifiers and a QSC stereo amplifier which are connected to a three zone Cloud mixer giving them the flexibility to control the music in each of the areas, along with an Audio Technica handheld radio mic system, a handheld mic and Laptop input which is their music source.