Sound System Installation Harrogate – we were instructed to carry out a Sound System Installation in St Wilfrids church hall in Harrogate as they had the requirement for an installed sound system to use for small wedding events, conferences, parties and services in the main hall.

We opted to install a pair of Wharfedale Si12 Passive speakers in white either side of the stage on the walls at high level using Powerdrive wall arm brackets along with a flight case on stage which houses the Allen and Heath ZED16FX mixer, five Audio Technica radio mic systems, Apart Audio CD player, QSC power amplifier and an Ampetronic induction loop amplifier.

On stage we installed some XLR plug in points so that their customers can plug in musical instruments, ipods, or even the audio from a Laptop if they are doing a presentations giving them some flexibility with their sound system.

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We installed the Ampetronic hearing loop around the perimeter of the hall which gives coverage throughout the whole of the room which is been used for both speech and music.