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Sound System Installation Rotherham

Sound System Installation Rotherham – we were contacted by a Sports Hall in Rotherham as they had a requirement for an installed sound installation within the main hall but they decided on having a portable PA system instead which we supplied.

The system consisted of two JBL Eon speakers with stands and we built up a small flight case for them with a QSC amplifier, Audio Techinica headset radio microphone and a Phonic mixer which are been used for dance classes.

The main issue with a sports hall of this size is the reverberation or echo as the sound is reflected off the metal structure and will cause problems with intelligibility as there is nothing to absorb the sound which we advised the customer about.

By facing the speakers inwards towards the audience rather than down the room we managed to achieve a desired result.

Sound Installation Rotherham

Sound System Installation Rotherham

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