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Sound System Installation Stockton

Sound System Installation Stockton – another audio equipment installation service¬†completed at a garden centre near Stockton as their existing TOA speaker system installation wasn’t working anymore so we were called in to assess the existing sound equipment and provide the client with a cost effective audio install solution.

With a total of over twenty five 100 volt line speakers installed throughout the garden centre areas and outside we checked each of the speaker tappings to make sure that the new Cloud amplifier wouldn’t be overloaded.

Within the secure office area we installed the Cloud CXV225 100 volt line amplifier, Cloud single zone mixer and their existing CD player in a new metal rack cabinet.

In the checkout areas we installed two Cloud PM single paging microphones so that the staff could make announcements throughout all the areas of the garden centre when required.

sound system installation stockton

Sound System Installation Stockton

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