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Speaker Installation Huddersfield

Speaker Installation Huddersfield – we have just completed a sound system installation within a residential home in Huddersfield for one of our clients who needed an audio system so that his children could perform and practice their prayers.

So to give them a fully flexible sound system we have installed an Australian Monitor 4 zone mixer which has three microphone inputs connected to it from three separate rooms, a Teac CD player and the Laptop Audio.

We have installed a total of eight JBL Control 25 speakers throughout the house, two in the front room, two in the lounge, one in the hallway, kitchen and the upstairs landing area and bedroom, each of the four areas been able to have a different source and volume level control.

The two microphone inputs we have fed through two Phonic reverb units which gives them different types of vocal effects when they practice their prayers using the Shure SM58 handheld microphones.

speaker installation huddersfield

Speaker Installation Huddersfield

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