We offer a complete Stage Lighting Installation solution into any type of venue whether this is the local village hall, the drama department in a school or school hall to a live entertainment venue.


Our stage lighting installation services are used for professional drama productions in school halls, drama studios and live entertainment venues and are used to enhance a show or presentation and in some instances within schools they are used for teaching pupils about the aspects of drama which is enhanced by using the correct lighting fixtures.


Where sound and lighting is the main concern in a school or drama studio we can install a complete lighting system to suit both the room, budget and a system that can always be added to in the future.

As part of our stage lighting installation services we always prefer to use custom built Andolite lighting bars or trussing to accommodate any type of lighting fixture as these can be manufactured to carry both power and DMX control along with any desired output power socket and can be built to any length and specification required and make the installation neat, tidy and impressive.

Stage and theatrical systems are installed within venues that have a requirement to create an atmosphere when staging a drama or theatrical show therefore creating an impressive look and feel for their audience and making their visit a more memorable experience.

These type of theatre lighting systems can be simple or as complex depending on their use and may include both high power LED stage lighting fixtures and in some instances may incorporate intelligent stage lighting of some manner to create an awe inspiring look.


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Definition Audio Visual can provide you with a bespoke LED stage lighting installation service.

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Stage Lighting Systems

We can provide you with any type of stage lighting installation solution within your venue whether the requirement is in a School Hall, Live Venue or local Village Hall our systems can be tailored to your requirements and more importantly your budget.

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Theatre Lighting

Our stage lighting and theatre lighting system installations can incorporate many things such as pre-wired lighting bars, DMX lighting control desks, LED stage battens, moving heads and special effects.

As a professional stage lighting installation company we have installed numerous LED lighting systems into various types of venues so we can offer you a complete installation service from start to finish.

We specialise in all aspects of a sound and lighting installation within any commercial venue, drama department, hall, studio or theatre.

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