Sound System Installation Hull

Sound System Installation Hull – we have just completed a professional sound system installation at the Hull Truck Theatre with the installation of a new professional sound system within the bar area upstairs that is going to be used for acoustic bands and small performances. Our company was contacted by the theatre to install [...]

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Sound System Installations Yorkshire

Sound System Installations Yorkshire – we have just completed another sound system installations at East Keswick Village Hall in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the install of six Apart Audio Speakers, Audio Technica Radio Microphones, Cloud Mixer and QSC Stereo Amplifiers. We were contracted to install a new sound system within the village hall as [...]

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Sound System Installation Doncaster

Sound System Installation Doncaster – we have just completed an sound system installation at the South Yorkshire Boat Club near Doncaster with the installation of four Apart Audio Mask 8 in white along four Apart Audio Mask 6 wall mounted speakers, QSC amplifiers and a Cloud 3 Zone Mixer. We were asked to install [...]

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Sound System Installation Sheffield

Sound System Installation Sheffield – we have just completed a public address installation in an International food warehouse in Sheffield with the installation of seventeen Cloud CS6B wall mounted speakers, Cloud amplifiers, Cloud Z4 zone mixer and Cloud PM4 paging microphones. Within the main shopping area we have installed ten Cloud CS6B wall mounted [...]

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Bose Sound Installation Leeds

Bose Sound Installation Leeds at the Novotel in their newly refurbished bar area and restaurant area. We have replaced their existing ceiling speaker installation with nine Bose DS16F flush mount ceiling speakers throughout the bar and restaurant areas along with a Bose DS16S surface mount speaker outside near the entrance foyer. By re-using their [...]

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Sound System Installations Hull

Sound System Installations Hull – another Sound system installation completed at a new Gym and leisure complex in the K2 building in Hull with the install of eight Apart Audio Mask 6 Black speakers, two Crown stereo amplifiers, a Cloud Electronics 2 Zone Mixer installed in a Penn Fabrications wall mounted rack cabinet. We [...]

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