AV System Installation Leeds

AV System Installation Leeds - we were contracted to install an AV System Installation in Leeds within a meeting room at York Gate Perennial Centre so we opted to install a Panasonic 5000 Lumens WUXGA high resolution projector mounted on a white peerless projector mount bracket in the main room which is projecting onto [...]

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Projector Installations Leeds

Projector Installations Leeds – we have just completed another Projector Installation solution in a meeting room for a solicitors in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the installation of Benq MH740 4000 lumens High Definition 1080p projector that is mounted from the ceiling using a Btech projector mount bracket. We are projecting their images onto an [...]

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Projector Installations West Yorkshire

Projector Installations West Yorkshire – we have just completed another projector installation service at Hippo Digital in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the installation of a Panasonic VZ580 5000 Lumens WUXGA projector mounted on a Peerless projector mount bracket. This is projecting onto an Elite 110″ Diagonal Motorised projection screen in 16:9 format which we [...]

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