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Visual Installation Leeds

Visual Installation Leeds – we have just completed an AV installation within the Post Office Call Centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire with the install of eight Toshiba 40″ LED screens installed throughout the call centre on wall brackets and one installed on a Btech pole mount bracket.

As part of the audio visual installation service the client wanted the facility to have any of the three PC inputs routed through to any of the eight screens so we installed a Kramer 4 x 8 VGA matrix switcher which is connected to eight VGA over CAT 5 transmitters.

At each TV position we installed a Kramer CAT5 VGA receiver which takes its power from the Kramer VGA transmitter.

We also allowed for each TV to receive a TV signal so have installed an RF distribution amplifier feeding each TV. Each PC position has a Kramer VGA splitter and VGA over CAT 5 transmitter giving them the facility to have a local monitor and then the VGA is transmitted over CAT5 to the rack which is installed in another room.

audio Visual Installation Leeds

Audio Visual Installation Leeds

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