Our company provides professional audio system installations into a wide and varied range of commercial venues & businesses such as hotels, bars, restaurants, churches, schools, gyms, factories and clubs. We can provide an audio installation to suit any type of venue from a background music system, Audio over IP Network System, foreground sound system to a live PA system no matter how large or small the project is we can provide you with a complete install solution within your venue.


As a professional sound system installation company and commercial sound system installers we design, supply and install professional audio systems, public address systems and background music systems into a multitude of commercial premises and businesses such as restaurants, bars, leisure centres, clubs, retail shops, public houses, hotels, gyms, churches and village halls.

When we conduct a site survey of your venue we take into consideration numerous factors and one of the main ones is adequate coverage throughout and by strategically installing speakers within certain areas you will gain a more even coverage of sound, background music or speech.

Basically anywhere that has a requirement for a professionally installed sound system or public address system we can design and install a complete audio equipment solution within your venue, business or commercial property to suit both your requirements but most of all your budget.

An installation project is always based on the information you provide us with when we conduct a site survey and we then generally get a better idea on what sound equipment requirements you may have and will advise on the best audio system for your needs.

With access to such a broad and varied range of professional sound equipment such as amplifiers, professional speaker systems, microphones, ceiling speakers and mixers varying in both price and quality we feel that we can provide you with a competitive audio installation solution no matter how large or small the project is.

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Definition Audio Visual is a professional audio system installation company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design, supply and installation into all commercial venues, leisure and hospitality.

Audio System Installations

Audio System Installations

As a professional commercial sound system installer we have installed numerous commercial audio systems into businesses, leisure and hospitality throughout the UK and always strive to provide our customers with an excellent installation service on their current or future installation projects.
Our audio systems have ranged from ceiling speaker installations into boardrooms, medical centres, gyms and call centres to public address announcement systems into hotels and factories.

Commercial Audio System Installations

Commercial Audio System Installations

With access to numerous commercial sound system manufacturers we can always provide our customers with a sound equipment installation to suit both their venue or business but most of all their budget. Our installation services start from the initial site survey where we gain a better idea of the type of sound system that is required to the quotation stage, first fix installation to the final installation stage and commissioning.

Definition Audio Visual provides Professional Sound System installations into commercial properties, bars, restaurants, department stores, village halls, factories, schools, hotels, live venues and churches.

With so many sound system manufacturers on the market these days our customers find it so hard to decide on the appropriate audio system for their venue, but we take that away from them due to numerous years in the industry we can design, supply and install an audio system to suit any type of venue.

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